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Vertical Shaft Impactors

SSSF's Vertical Shaft Impactors are manufactured in two types

1. Stone to Stone technology

Rotor is so designed that stone layer gets formed on the vane and breaking surface is formed by material built up. There by, reducing the wear on the vanes and also on backer walls but this cushioned surfaces reduce considerably the amount of crushing. The spares consumption also gets reduced

2. Stone to Metal technology

In this type of VSI material glides on the metallic steel vanes and after getting relished from rotor hits on the metallic steel surfaces. Naturally wear on, vanes surface and backer surface is high and ratio of reduction is also high.

Feed material is fed through a vertical tube in the centre of the vertical rotor, rotating at high speed around a vertical axis. Due to centrifugal force feed material starts picking up speed and it starts getting distributed over the distribution cone and as the material travels over the rotor – vanes, towards the periphery attains the same speed as speed of rotor's periphery. At the instant of aligating from the rotor, material attains a velocity which is the resultant of peripheral velocity and radial velocity and direction of the resultant velocity is almost 45º to radial direction.

Kinetic energy of the feed particles is so high that after impact against the breaking surface stresses developed with the particles over shut there ultimate strengths there by these particles integrate into number of pieces giving rise to new surfaces. The VSI is in true sense a pure impact crusher which crushes only by impact. Not like other conventional impact crusher where shear, compressor, attrition and impact allocation play role in crushing material. In VSI there is no gap setting between crushed materials, falls through the open ring area by gravitational force only.

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