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Double Toggle Jaw Crushers

Based on principle of crushing without rubbing "SSSF" brand Double Toggle Jaw Crushers are configured for crushing of even the hardest rock. Our Jaw Crushers are designed for a long term service with minimum maintenance for hard, tough, abrasive materials and high capacities.

In our Double Toggle Jaw Crusher the Jaw plates is move squarely against the rock and the center of Hinge Pin is passing through the center of the Crushing zone. Because of this the stone is gripped firmly and is crushed with the minimum rubbing action, which ensures less wear, less power and more production.

We manufacturer varying sizes of crushers. They can also be manufactured according to specific size requirement as needed.

Our standard sizes are

12 X 07 16 X 09 20 X 12 22 X 09
24 X 14 30 X 09 30 X 15 30 X 20
30 X 24 36 X 08 36 X 24 36 X 30
42 X 06 42 X 09 42 X 30  


  • Main Body is M.S. Fabricated and heavy duty designed to withstand the crushing load
  • Toggle & Pitman mechanism including eccentric shaft and the main bearing are enclosed by dust sealed covers and are lubricated by continuous oil circulation for maximum life and minimum maintenance.
  • The arrangement of gap setting is provided on Stationery Jaw instead of Swing Jaw. Because of this the toggle & pitman mechanism remains undisturbed by the variation in gap setting and the crusher can always work with maximum efficiency.
  • Incase of accidental overloads the safety device disengages the drive there by protecting against damages.


Basalt, Bauxite, Black trap, Granite, Blast Furnace Slag,Lime Stone , Dolomite, Dunite, Ferro Alloys (Low carbon & High Carbon), Fused Alumina, Chrome Ore, Maganize ore, Copper Ore, River Gravel, Quartzite.

We can help you to choose the required product for your needs. We have majority of the machines in stock. Please feel free to contact us & further discuss any queries that you may have.